Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
eea.stringinterp May-28-2021 Extended plone.stringinterp functionality
plone.dexterity May-18-2021 Framework for content types as filesystem code and TTW (Zope/CMF/Plone)
eea.volto.slate May-07-2021 volto-slate integration for Plone
eea.geotags Apr-17-2021 EEA Geotags package redefines the location field in Plone. Right now in Plone location field is a free text field. EEA Geotags lets you easy define locations using a map picker and geographical database.
eea.reports Apr-16-2021 EEA Reports
eea.userseditor Apr-09-2021 EEA Users Editor
eea.faceted.tool Apr-09-2021 EEA Faceted Tool
eea.plonebuildout.profile Mar-29-2021 A Plone profile to easily install all core EEA packages
reportek.converters Mar-24-2021 Reportek converters
eea.rdfmarshaller Mar-10-2021 RDF marshaller for Plone
eea.tinymce Nov-24-2020 EEA TinyMCE
collective.js.fullcalendar Oct-21-2020 Plone package for integrating fullcalendar JS
eea.soercontent Oct-09-2020 SOER 2015 related content-types
eea.workflow Oct-05-2020 EEA Workflow extensions
eea.dexterity.rdfmarshaller Sep-16-2020 Dexterity RDF marshaller for Plone
Products.NavigationManager Sep-08-2020 EEA Navigation Manager skin for EEA
Solgema.PortletsManager Sep-08-2020 Solgema Portlets Manager
eea.aliases Aug-14-2020 zodbupdate aliases
SuRF Aug-10-2020 SuRF
eea.rabbitmq.plone Aug-10-2020 EEA RabbitMQ Plone - plone add-on.
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