Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description Oct-16-2017 Country profiles extension for Bise
buildout.autoextras Oct-06-2017 zc.buildout extension to automatically include requirement extras
Products.EEAContentTypes Sep-29-2017 EEA logic and content types Sep-29-2017 Plone4 theme for EEA
sparql-client Sep-29-2017 Python API to query a SPARQL endpoint
eea.versions Sep-27-2017 EEA versions
eea.tinymce Sep-27-2017 EEA TinyMCE
eea.soer Sep-26-2017 EEA Soer
eea.similarity Sep-26-2017 A package that suggests similar titles to one being added
eea.rdfmarshaller Sep-26-2017 RDF marshaller for Plone
eea.progressbar Sep-26-2017 Progress bar based on current document review_state
eea.jquery Sep-26-2017 jQuery library and plugins for Plone
eea.annotator Sep-26-2017 EEA Annotator
Products.EEAPloneAdmin Sep-26-2017 EEA Plone Admin
bise.datatiles Sep-22-2017 Tiles for collective.cover
bise.ecosystemservices Sep-22-2017 Ecosystem Services Maps
eea.depiction Sep-22-2017 EEA Depiction (formerly valentine.imagescales)
eea.sparql Sep-11-2017 Wrapper for Products.ZSPARQLMethod
eea.geotags Sep-11-2017 EEA Geotags package redefines the location field in Plone. Right now in Plone location field is a free text field. EEA Geotags lets you easy define locations using a map picker and geographical database.
eea.eggmonkey Sep-11-2017 Automate releasing eggs with jarn.mkrelease
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