Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
eea.dataservice Jul-30-2015 EEA Data service
Products.EEAContentTypes Jul-30-2015 EEA logic and content types
Products.EEAPloneAdmin Jul-29-2015 EEA Plone Admin
eea.pdf Jul-28-2015 Download as PDF
eea.indicators Jul-28-2015 EEA Indicators
eea.cynadmin Jul-28-2015 EEA cyn admin
eea.controlpanel Jul-28-2015 EEA Control Panel
sparql-client Jul-28-2015 Python API to query a SPARQL endpoint
eea.soercontent Jul-28-2015 SOER 2015 related content-types
eea.jquery Jul-28-2015 jQuery library and plugins for Plone
eea.googlecharts Jul-28-2015 Configurator for GoogleCharts Jul-28-2015 Plone4 theme for EEA
eea.daviz Jul-28-2015 EEA DaViz is a plone product which uses Exhibit and Google Charts API to easily create data visualizations based on data from csv/tsv, JSON, SPARQL endpoints and more.
eea.converter Jul-28-2015 SVG, PNG, PDF converters using external tools as ImageMagick
Products.EEATemplatesService Jul-28-2015 EEA Templates Service is a products that provides simple http services for the templates of a plone site
eea.eggmonkeytesttarget Jul-27-2015 A dummy package to test eea.eggmonkey
eea.plonebuildout.profile Jul-21-2015 A Plone profile to easily install all core EEA packages
eea.themecentre Jul-06-2015 EEA Theme centre
eea.sparql Jul-06-2015 Wrapper for Products.ZSPARQLMethod
eea.soer Jul-06-2015 EEA Soer
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