Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
eea.googlecharts Aug-25-2015 Configurator for GoogleCharts
eea.versions Aug-18-2015 EEA versions
eea.themecentre Aug-18-2015 EEA Theme centre
eea.sparql Aug-18-2015 Wrapper for Products.ZSPARQLMethod
eea.soercontent Aug-18-2015 SOER 2015 related content-types
eea.socialmedia Aug-18-2015 EEA Social Media
eea.reports Aug-18-2015 EEA Reports
eea.relations Aug-18-2015 EEA Possible Relations. This package provides a flexible way to manage relations in a Plone site. it provides a new reference browser widget and a central management interface for relations, their labels and requirements.
eea.pdf Aug-18-2015 Download as PDF
eea.jquery Aug-18-2015 jQuery library and plugins for Plone
eea.indicators Aug-18-2015 EEA Indicators Aug-18-2015 This package contains useful tools for talking with Google Analytics
eea.geotags Aug-18-2015 EEA Geotags package redefines the location field in Plone. Right now in Plone location field is a free text field. EEA Geotags lets you easy define locations using a map picker and geographical database.
eea.forms Aug-18-2015 EEA forms - Custom AT widgets and fields
eea.facetednavigation Aug-18-2015 EEA Faceted Navigation
eea.faceted.vocabularies Aug-18-2015 EEA Faceted Vocabularies
eea.faceted.tool Aug-18-2015 EEA Faceted Tool
eea.faceted.inheritance Aug-18-2015 EEA Faceted Navigation extension that allow a faceted navigable object to inherit faceted configuration from another faceted navigable object.
eea.exhibit Aug-18-2015 EEA Exhibit provides Simile Widgets Exhibit JS libraries as Zope 3 resources.
eea.epub Aug-18-2015 Publish Plone content in epub form
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