Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
eea.jquery Jul-20-2016 jQuery library and plugins for Plone
sparql-client Jul-19-2016 Python API to query a SPARQL endpoint
eea.googlecharts Jul-19-2016 Configurator for GoogleCharts
Products.EEAContentTypes Jul-19-2016 EEA logic and content types
eea.themecentre Jul-07-2016 EEA Theme centre
eea.plonebuildout.profile Jul-07-2016 A Plone profile to easily install all core EEA packages
eea.annotator Jul-07-2016 EEA Annotator
Products.EEAPloneAdmin Jul-07-2016 EEA Plone Admin Jul-07-2016 Plone4 theme for EEA
eea.faceted.vocabularies Jun-29-2016 EEA Faceted Vocabularies
collective.warmup Jun-24-2016 Collective Warmup
edw.userhistory Jun-23-2016 User login history
eea.facetednavigation Jun-16-2016 EEA Faceted Navigation
eea.climateadapt Jun-16-2016 EEA ClimateAdapt for Plone Jun-15-2016 better plone widgets
eea.versions Jun-02-2016 EEA versions
eea.dataservice Jun-02-2016 EEA Data service
eea.translations Jun-02-2016 Translations for EEA website. Most translations come from old website. We also have translated logos here.
eea.rdfmarshaller May-27-2016 RDF marshaller for Plone
eea.indicators May-27-2016 EEA Indicators
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