Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
munin.zope Mar-08-2013 Munin plugins for Zope/Plone.
lovely.memcached Dec-07-2012 A memcached client utiltiy for zope 3
bda.feed Dec-07-2012 Plone generic feed support and feeds for collections.
zope.exceptions Nov-19-2012 exceptions Nov-19-2012 Zope Annotations
valentine.plonedev Nov-19-2012 Getting a production Data.fs ready for development
valentine.imagescales Nov-19-2012 UNKNOWN
valentine.gtranslate Nov-19-2012 Translates text using Google Translate
slc.publications Nov-19-2012 A content type to store pdf publications
Products.WISETheme Nov-19-2012 WISETheme skin for EEA
Products.ThemeCentre Nov-19-2012 ThemeCentre skin for EEA
Products.RichTopic Nov-19-2012 RichTopic backward compatible
Products.PloneRSSPortlet Nov-19-2012 PloneRSSPortlet portlet for EEA
Products.flowplayer Nov-19-2012 flowplayer player for EEA
Products.FiveSite Nov-19-2012 FiveSite utility for EEA
Products.EEADesign2006 Nov-19-2012 Egg version of EEADesign2006 skin
plone.session Nov-19-2012 Session based authentication for Zope Nov-19-2012 User-configurable, blob-aware image scaling for Plone. Nov-19-2012 zope.formlib integration for Plone Nov-19-2012 ZODB 3.8 blob support for Plone 3.x
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