Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
Products.ZSPARQLMethod Apr-24-2017 Zope product for making SPARQL queries, simiar to ZSQLMethod
Products.NavigationManager Apr-24-2017 EEA Navigation Manager skin for EEA
Products.EEATemplatesService Apr-24-2017 EEA Templates Service is a products that provides simple http services for the templates of a plone site
Products.EEAPloneAdmin Apr-24-2017 EEA Plone Admin
Products.EEAEnquiry Apr-24-2017 EEA Enquiry product
Products.EEAContentTypes Apr-24-2017 EEA logic and content types
eea.facetednavigation Apr-19-2017 EEA Faceted Navigation
bise.ecosystemservices Apr-14-2017 Ecosystem Services Maps
bise.theme Apr-14-2017 Installable theme: bise.theme
bise.datatiles Apr-13-2017 Tiles for collective.cover Mar-29-2017 Country profiles extension for Bise Feb-17-2017 check-out/check-in staging for Plone
collective.excelexport Jan-17-2017 Export dexterity contents in an excel file, one column by field
plone.formwidget.geolocation Jan-16-2017 Geolocation field and widget
collective.cover Dec-21-2016 A sane, working, editor-friendly way of creating front pages and other composite pages. Working now, for mere mortals.
collective.sweeteditor Nov-24-2016 TinyMCE style hooks for accordion and tabs
valentine.linguaflow Nov-21-2016 Valentine Linguaflow Nov-15-2016 better plone widgets
eea.climateadapt Nov-10-2016 EEA ClimateAdapt for Plone Sep-05-2016 This package adds 'saved search' functionality to Plone.
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