Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
eea.exhibit Apr-24-2017 EEA Exhibit provides Simile Widgets Exhibit JS libraries as Zope 3 resources.
eea.epub Apr-24-2017 Publish Plone content in epub form
eea.elasticsearch Apr-24-2017 EEA ElasticSearch
eea.eggmonkey Apr-24-2017 Automate releasing eggs with jarn.mkrelease
eea.downloads Apr-24-2017 EEA Downloads Media Storage
eea.devel Apr-24-2017 EEA Devel Apr-24-2017 Plone4 theme for EEA
eea.depiction Apr-24-2017 EEA Depiction (formerly valentine.imagescales)
eea.daviz Apr-24-2017 EEA DaViz is a plone product which uses Exhibit and Google Charts API to easily create data visualizations based on data from csv/tsv, JSON, SPARQL endpoints and more.
eea.dataservice Apr-24-2017 EEA Data service
eea.converter Apr-24-2017 SVG, PNG, PDF converters using external tools as ImageMagick
eea.controlpanel Apr-24-2017 EEA Control Panel
eea.cache Apr-24-2017 Tools and config for memcache related caching
eea.asyncoperations Apr-24-2017 package for bulk folder or object operations
eea.async.manager Apr-24-2017 zc.async queue manager Apr-24-2017 Visualization API
eea.aoamap Apr-24-2017 UNKNOWN
eea.annotator Apr-24-2017 EEA Annotator
eea.alchemy Apr-24-2017 EEA Alchemy allows you to bulk auto-discover geographical coverage, temporal coverage, keywords and more
Products.eeawebapplication Apr-24-2017 EEA Web Application skin for EEA
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