Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description
eea.geolocation Nov-11-2021 Geonames settings EEA country groups/regions vocabularies
eea.schema.slate Nov-11-2021 Slate JSON Field/Widget for Dexterity
eea.api.layout Nov-11-2021 RestAPI @layout endpoint
eea.zotero Nov-11-2021 Plone RestAPI endpoint for Zotero
eea.facetednavigation Nov-03-2021 EEA Faceted Navigation
eea.jquery Nov-01-2021 jQuery library and plugins for Plone
eea.testegg Oct-18-2021
eea.alchemy Sep-28-2021 EEA Alchemy allows you to bulk auto-discover geographical coverage, temporal coverage, keywords and more
eea.googlecharts Aug-30-2021 Configurator for GoogleCharts
eea.pdf Jul-14-2021 Download as PDF
eea.api.coremetadata Jul-13-2021 An add-on for Plone to expose EEA core metadata as REST API endpoint
eea.themecentre Jul-05-2021 EEA Theme centre
energy.content Jun-30-2021 EnergyUnion extensions for Plone
eea.versions Jun-17-2021 EEA versions
eea.signals Jun-17-2021
eea.depiction Jun-17-2021 EEA Depiction (formerly valentine.imagescales)
eea.frame Jun-17-2021 Django integration middleware for EEA Zope websites
eea.indicators Jun-14-2021 EEA Indicators
eea.faceted.vocabularies Jun-13-2021 EEA Faceted Vocabularies Jun-11-2021 User-configurable, blob-aware image scaling for Plone.
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