Most Recent Updates

Name Updated Description Feb-24-2022 Plone4 theme for EEA
Products.EEAPloneAdmin Feb-18-2022 EEA Plone Admin
eea.comments Feb-18-2022 commenting enhancements
eea.sentry Feb-17-2022 Zope/Plone Sentry integration
eea.banner Feb-17-2022 volto-banner backend support
eea.ldapadmin Feb-15-2022 EEA LDAP Admin
eea.api.objectprovides Dec-29-2021 An add-on for Plone
plone.restapi Dec-29-2021 plone.restapi is a RESTful hypermedia API for Plone.
eea.cache Dec-16-2021 Tools and config for memcache related caching
eea.progress.editing Dec-16-2021 Editing progress RestAPI
land.copernicus.theme Nov-25-2021 Plone theme for
land.copernicus.content Nov-25-2021 Custom Content-Types for Land Copernicus
eea.volto.policy Nov-23-2021 An add-on for Plone
eea.usersdb Nov-22-2021 EEA Users DB
eea.relations Nov-19-2021 EEA Possible Relations. This package provides a flexible way to manage relations in a Plone site. it provides a new reference browser widget and a central management interface for relations, their labels and requirements.
sparql-client Nov-19-2021 Python API to query a SPARQL endpoint
naaya.ldapdump Nov-18-2021 UNKNOWN
eea.dexterity.themes Nov-17-2021 Environment Topics and subtopics
forests.content Nov-17-2021 FORESTS Content
eea.api.taxonomy Nov-11-2021 Taxonomy RestAPI endpoint
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