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EEA Theme centre

EEA Theme Centre

Theme Centre is a folder that contains content on a certain theme.

To get it working

You need

There's a bug in Zope 2.9 (and probably in later versions as well) that raises AttributeError: debug when using The fix is to add two lines of code to ZPublisher/HTTPRequest.

from zope.publisher.base import DebugFlags self.debug = DebugFlags # inside __init__

How to migrate themes

Install Five 1.4.2 and our Plone4ArtistVideo tar ( we have a tar since svn checkout isn't allowed from pelican) Configure zope to use Plone-2.5.2-1 and Plone-2.5.2-1/CacheFu Reinstall CacheSetup (2-10min)

Make sure you don't have Archetypes, PortalTransforms and PloneLanguageTool in your bundle. They are not removed automically. Remove portal_types/NavigationPage to avoid Composite pack errors Then migrate old objects to new theme tagging funcionallity SITE/@@migrateThemeTaggable ( 1-5min)

Migrate Plone and ATCT (15-30min) Reinstall older products (not necessary) (2-10min) Install FiveSite Install ThemeCentre (this takes time because we add a new index and reindex the catalog) (10-20 min) If you don't have anything in portal_skins/custom you

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Go to portal_setup -> properties, select EEA WWW and import skins tool

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manually add themecentre_* layers to the skins.

Make sure portal_fiveactions is in portal_actions -> action providers

Create folder themes in SITE/ Create folder rdf-repository in SITE/themes In actions menu click 'make as rdfrepository' run SITE/themes/rdf-repository/@@migrateRDF (2-10min) Rename the Dataset and map+graphs feeds run SITE/themes/rdf-repository/@@migrateIndicatorRDF (2-5min)

run SITE/themes/@@initiateThemes?migrate=True (15-50min) if you want to do a test with only 3 themes run SITE/themes/@@initiateThemes?migrate=True&noThemes=3

How to migrate themes for the LAZY one :)

Configure zope to use Plone-2.5.2-1 and Plone-2.5.2-1/CacheFu update bundle If you are using eeadesign2006-bundle (not devel)

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Install Five 1.4.2 and our Plone4ArtistVideo tar ( we have a tar since svn checkout isn't allowed from pelican)

Make sure you don't have Archetypes, PortalTransforms and PloneLanguageTool in your bundle. They are not removed automically. copy data.fs from production site restart your zope

Source code


EEA - European Environment Agency (EU)


8.8 - (2017-12-12)

  • Change: Replace eeacms/zptlint with eeacms/plone-test:4 zptlint [avoinea refs #90415]

8.7 - (2017-08-16)

  • Bug fix W3C compliance modifications [valipod refs #86295]

  • Upgrade step: Remove customized views at **ZMI > portal_skins/custom: themes_view [valipod refs #86295]

    System Message: WARNING/2 (<string>, line 117); backlink

    Inline strong start-string without end-string.

8.6 - (2017-06-12)

  • Bug fix: remove link from promo images and show links to the promoted themes that had images [ichim-david refs #85790]

8.5 - (2017-06-06)

  • Bug fix: fixed image url for non promoted theme centres such as translations [ichim-david refs 83146]

8.4 - (2017-05-22)

  • Change: fixed PyLint warnings and errors [valipod refs #84949]

8.3 - (2017-05-15)

  • Change: fixed PyLint warnings and errors [eduard-fironda refs #84949]

8.2 - (2017-04-24)

  • Change: updated package information [eduard-fironda]

8.1 - (2017-04-04)

  • Bug fix: Add history entry when manually syncing themes on older versions [avoinea refs #83793]

8.0 - (2017-03-21)

  • Feature: Add object action to manually sync older versions topics [avoinea refs #83219]
  • Change: Use themesmerged vocabulary as mapping for older and deprecated themes [avoinea refs #83219]
  • Bug fix: Fix hard-coded size limit within themes viewlet [avoinea refs #83219]
  • Cleanup: Remove un-necessary dependecies [avoinea refs #83219]

7.5 - (2017-03-02)

  • Bug fix: Get resources over https [avoinea refs #82562]
  • Bug fix: fixed rendering of themes tags on translated content [alecghica refs #81880]

7.4 - (2016-11-21)

  • Upgrade step: import megatopic-collections.zexp within www/SITE/themes found within ticket as attachment [ichim-david refs #74553]
  • Change: themes_view is now a skins template with collections and new style design brought from EEA frontpage [ichim-david refs #74553]

7.3 - (2016-10-03)

  • Bug fix: Safely get promotions from hard-coded themes UIDs [voineali refs #76162]

7.2 - (2016-08-29)

  • Change: do now show themes on themes_view if theme is expired [ichim-david refs #75265]
  • Change: added body-content class to dc_view body content in order to hide content in case we do not have any real content as a blank space shouldn't count as having content entered [ichim-david refs #72862]

7.1 - (2016-07-07)

  • Change: modified more_hrefs to have a value for each type since we now hide tabs without value [ichim-david refs #73701]

7.0 - (2016-05-19)

  • Bug fix: Fix pylint warnings [ichim-david refs #71940]
  • Bug fix: "All items" in topic search does not lead to topic results anymore [lucas refs #71614]

6.9 - (2016-05-04)

  • Update eea.translations with the latest translation strings - fixed errors in templates [chiridra refs #69753]

6.8 - (2015-10-05)

  • Bugfix: set socket timeout to prevent Zope instances hanging out when the external service is not responding
  • Bugfix: greenening xmlrpclib to prevent hanging out connection [lucas refs #29063]

6.7 - (2015-09-22)

  • Bug fix: Safely get 'interface' attr from request object in order to avoid AttributeError: interface exceptions [voineali refs #28998]
  • Cleanup: Remove PloneHelpCenter references [voineali refs #27692]

6.6 - (2015-09-10)

  • Bug fix: Topic filtering are now hidden on themes pages since the results are already filtered by theme [ichimdav refs #28213]

6.5 - (2015-08-18)

  • Change: cleaned themecentre.css of obsolete styles [ichimdav refs #27220]

6.4 - (2015-07-06)

  • Change: cleaned package of pylint errors found after upgrading jenkins to use latest pylint at this time [ichimdav]
  • Feature: added ability to set path for themcentre subtopics selection since we need to display the soer briefings as part of the subtopics [ichimdav refs #26069]

6.3 - (2015-03-17)

  • Cleanup: Removed "Global promotions" portlet references [voineali refs #23725]
  • Change: Switched to curl in the jenkins build install script [olimpiurob refs #22402]
  • Change: Changed fetch url for jenkins build install script to the install script from the main EEA CPB repository [olimpiurob refs #22402]

6.2 - (2014-01-22)

  • Feature: allow the portlet_datacentre_overview to function within contexts where an object has a theme [ichimdav fixes #16969]
  • Change: removed roundedCorners class usage in since we no longer use rounded corners within the site design [ichimdav]
  • Bug fix: Reverted previous changes and removed the 'en' icon on the theme page. [prospchr refs #17756]

6.1 - (2013-12-10)

  • Change: removed the dependecy to eea.locationwidget [ghicaale refs #9155]

6.0 - (2013-11-20)

  • Change: removed round corners, box shadow on subtopics area. [demarant refs #16676]
  • Bug fix: Fixed main theme page in case a theme is not translated. Now, when a translation is missing the English version comes up with an icon. [prospchr fixes #17288]

5.9 - (2013-10-04)

  • Bug fix: Cleanup deprecated listfeed to avoid errors in themecentre [tiberich #8329]
  • Change: removed getSite import from missed in previous egg release [ichimdav refs #15651]

5.8 - (2013-10-04)

  • Change: return only three results on ObjectThemesPortlet instead of slicing the results [ichimdav]
  • Change: updated zope imports with the versions that require minimum Plone 4.1 for eea.themecentre [ichimdav refs #15651]
  • Change: Removed popular tags portlet after removal of the tags widget from the site [ichimdav refs #16914]

5.7 - (2013-08-07)

  • Change: removed dependency on p4a.* packages [ichimdav #15234]
  • Change: removed eea.rdfrepository dependency [batradav refs #8329]

5.6 - (2013-01-25)

  • Bug fix: make ThemesField a LinesField, to allow showing differences with CMFDiff [tiberich #13700]

5.4-dev - (2013-01-15)

  • Bug Fix: fixed themes title on topics index page. [prospchr fixes #10114]

5.2 - (2012-11-22)

  • Change: use IVideo when searching for videos [ichimdav #5480]

5.1 - (2012-08-28)

  • Bug fix: valid HTML5 on frontpage [ghicaale refs #5346]

5.0 - (2012-07-13)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed i18n missing tags, i18n:domain and duplicate keys in .pt [prospchr refs #5162]

4.10 - (2012-06-13)

  • Bug fix: fixed markup of HISTORY.txt file [ciobabog refs #5231]
  • Bug Fix: Fix the themes'view: now the content comes from the site and the po files [prospchr fixes #5237]

4.9 - (2012-04-26)

  • Change: improved layout of data centre page after feedback from users. Browse catalogue more visible. moved featured indicator to the right column. [demarant]
  • Feature: added tag cloud on data centre page [demarant]
  • Bug fix: fix tests broken due to changes in eea.versions [tiberich]

4.8 - (2012-03-05)

  • Bug fix: use themes ids instead of titles when checking if it is data centre. Fixed bug where Air pollution was not recongnised as data centre. [demarant #4979]
  • Bug fix: renamed stylesheet to dtml; inserted portal_url to image links [tiberich #4956]

4.7 - (2012-02-15)

  • Bug fix: avoid server error on listall view for themes when view_name is not provided [tiberich #4947]

4.6 - (2012-02-06)

  • Bug fix: Fixed subscribers to be registered for IBaseContent instead of * [ghicaale]

4.5 - (2011-12-07)

  • Bug fix: Made dc view point to theme/dc instead of a relative link to dc [ichimdav #4819]

4.4 - (2011-11-28)

  • Bug fix: Fixed the all items links of whatsnewgallery in dc view [demarant #4784]

4.3 - (2011-11-22)

  • Bug fix: Made all base objects theme taggable [voineali #4740]

4.2 - (2011-11-21)

  • Bug fix: Made all base content theme taggable [voineali #4740]

4.1 - (2011-11-18)

  • Change: Added ThemesField to be used with ThemeTaggable Content-Types [voineali #4694]
  • Change: Made Themes tab hidden as it already in Categorization tab [voineali #4694]

4.0 - (2011-11-18)

  • Bugfix: Fixed theme title in portlets [szabozo0 #4691]
  • Change: Migrated mediacentre_view from custom [szabozo0 #4161]
  • Bugfix: Removed "Promote to theme centre" from tab [szabozo0 #4635]
  • Feature: Implemented right logic and display of "Subtopics" under a theme. [demarant #4610]
  • Bugfix: Fixed date format [szabozo0 #4549]
  • Change: removed the subtopics listing on topic entrance page. it was just redundant with the right navigation and tabs. most of the content is outdated. [demarant #4537]
  • Change: Added themes tab on video edit page [szabozo0 #4510]
  • Change: Added upgrade step to make IThemeTaggable navigation roots [voineali #4376]
  • Change: #4206, #4458 Made the portlet themes as viewlet and registered below content title. css cleanup. [demarant]
  • Bugfix: Fixed publishing dates on the portlets under Theme Centre [szabozo0 #4440]
  • Change: Reactivated Products.PloneHelpCenter [szabozo0 #4430]
  • Change: Removed the @@proxy view, using python:path() instead [tiberich #4257]
  • Feature: Added upgrade steps [voineali #4392]
  • Feature: Plone 4.x compatible release [ghicaale #4257]

1.6 - (2011-04-01)

  • Cleanup: Removed PloneRSSPortlet [voineali #4169]
  • Bug fix: Added translation domain to ZCML files [voineali #4139]

1.5 - (2011-03-09)

  • Change: clean up package of pyflakes compiler warnings [ichimdav #4141]
  • Change: clean up package of pylint violations [ichimdav #4140]

1.4 - (2011-03-01)

  • Cleanup: Removed Product PloneRDFCalendar & RDFEvent type [ichimdav #2931]
  • Cleanup: Removed Product CMFLinkChecker [batradav #3219]

1.3 - (2011-02-01)

  • Bug fix: Return NotFound when feed id is not specified for list_feed view [tiberich #3893]

1.2 - (2010-11-26)

  • Bug fix: don't fail on indicators theme if the faceted query can't be found [tiberich #3893]

1.1 - (2010-11-10)

  • Bug fix: don't fail if a promotion doesn't have any themes set [vincisas #3829]

1.0 - (2010-09-06)

  • Feature: Added new faceted nav portlet. Replace old indicators RSS portlets with new one. [thuliper #3547]

0.9 - (2010-06-16)

  • Merged subfolder_view and dc_view [thuliper, #3372]

0.8 - (2010-05-18)

  • Fixed bug where listing_url (URL adapter) was not used for dc_view sub items [thuliper]

0.7 - (2010-05-10)

  • Fixed bug where ATLink would point to object URL instead of URL adapters listing_url [thuliper]
  • Fixed bug where some non-folderish items would disappear in dc_view [thuliper, #3303]

0.6 - (2010-05-07)

  • Added overview for theme centres data centre [thuliper]

0.5 - (2010-03-26)

  • Added base functionality for getting the related data centre and reporting obligations [demarant #2934]

0.4 - (2010-02-24)

  • Fixed "LinksByStatus" when CMFLinkChecker product is not installed [ghicaale #2971]

0.3 - (2010-01-18)

  • Fixed bug where modifications to themes were not copied to translations [thuliper #2587]