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Name Updated Description
bda.feed Dec-07-2012 Plone generic feed support and feeds for collections.
bise.catalogueindexer Aug-18-2016 Catalog indexer methods for BISE
bise.content Jul-15-2022 Bise Content and Site Policy Jun-29-2022 Country profiles extension for Bise
bise.diazotheme Jan-22-2020 Bise Theme for Diazo
bise.theme Jan-22-2020 Installable theme: bise.theme
clms.addon Aug-05-2022 An add-on for customization of the CLMS portal
clms.downloadtool Aug-05-2022 An add-on for Plone
clms.statstool Aug-03-2022 An add-on for Plone to save download stats of CLSM
clms.types Aug-09-2022 An add-on with content-types for CLMS site
collective.cover Dec-21-2016 A sane, working, editor-friendly way of creating front pages and other composite pages. Working now, for mere mortals.
collective.easyform Apr-13-2018 Forms for Plone
collective.excelexport Mar-21-2019 Export dexterity contents in an excel file, one column by field
collective.googleanalytics Dec-13-2013 Tools for pulling statistics from Google Analytics.
collective.js.fullcalendar Oct-21-2020 Plone package for integrating fullcalendar JS
collective.jstree Nov-19-2012 jsTree as a zope resource
collective.linkcheck Mar-03-2016 Add-on for Plone that provides link validity checking and reporting.
collective.opengraph Jul-04-2018 Plone opengraph integration
collective.quickupload Nov-19-2012 Pure javascript files upload tool for Plone, with drag and drop, multi selection, and progress bar.
collective.sendaspdf Jul-07-2014 An open source product for Plone to download or email a page seen by the user as a PDF file.
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