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EEA - European Environment Agency (EU)


14.1 - (2018-05-30)

  • Bug fix: Restrict getBRefs only to related items [avoinea refs #95796]

14.0 - (2018-05-28)

  • Change: do not show management plan code for anonymous. [demarant refs #95846]

13.9 - (2018-04-27)

  • Bug fix: fixed dialog scrolling when clicking on titles found in popups [ichim-david refs #94182]

13.8 - (2018-04-12)

  • Change: reference customized jqueryui within assessment pages [ichim-david refs #91577]
  • Bug fix: fixed the error messages on Assessment Part inline editing. [alecghica refs #94673]

13.7 - (2018-03-14)

  • Change: reference customized jqueryui within assessment pages [ichim-david refs #91577]
  • Bug fix: avoid IndicatorFactSheet edit error when readiness js is missing [ichim-david refs #91577]

13.6 - (2018-02-27)

  • Bug fix: fixed check for viewing permission of anonymous users when we have figures added within assessment view [ichim-david refs #93369]

13.5 - (2018-01-26)

  • Change: cleanup test modules and updated package structure [alecghica refs #92027]
  • Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on upgrade button available for EEA Indicators [valipod refs #90671]
  • Change: Policy Question default view displays key messages of related assessment [valipod refs #90671]

13.4 - (2017-12-12)

  • Change: Replace eeacms/zptlint with eeacms/plone-test:4 zptlint [avoinea refs #90415]
  • Change: Update to work with eea.facetednavigation 10.0+ [avoinea refs #89955]
  • Change: Update tests to work with latest EEAContentTypes [avoinea refs #89955]
  • Bug fix: Explicit provide adapter ISchemaExtender [avoinea refs #89955]

13.3 - (2017-11-20)

  • Change: Reverted maxValues to the default value and added css in order to disable the widget [petchesi-iulian refs #89852]
  • Change: Changed the themes field for the ExternalDataSpec content type Now the themes field is no longer required and themes can't be added anymore through the edit interaction [petchesi-iulian refs #89852]

13.2 - (2017-08-16)

  • Change: avoid loading the inline chart scripts when we check the reading time [ichim-david refs #85791]
  • Bug fix: show errors within the relations widget of assessment [ichim-david refs #86620]
  • Change: avoid error in can we have a missing relationship when checking for get_uids [ichim-david refs #86620]

13.1 - (2017-06-26)

  • Bug fix: fixed failing tests due to depiction changes [zoltan_andras refs #81209]

13.0 - (2017-05-22)

  • Change: removed customization of chart area from since the percentage width didn't produce good renders of indicator pdfs [ichim-david refs #83520]
  • Change: changed reference to indicators collection pdf after changes done within eea.pdf [ichim-david refs #83520]
  • Change: fixed PyLint warnings and errors [valipod refs #84949]

12.9 - (2017-05-15)

  • Change: fixed PyLint warnings and errors [eduard-fironda refs #84949]

12.8 - (2017-04-24)

  • Change: updated package information [eduard-fironda]

12.7 - (2017-04-04)

  • Bug fix: fixed view of Data and ExternalDataSpec relations on specification view [ichim-david refs #83102]

12.6 - (2017-03-27)

  • Feature: assessments are now visible to anonymous users if they can view it and we show both a warning to the editor when a visualization will not be viewable by anon users and an information to the anon user that he cannot view that visualization [ichim-david refs #83287]
  • Feature: GIS Application review state is now synchronized with the review state of the assessment [ichim-david refs #83287]
  • Change: hide non publish visualization warning for anonymous users [ichim-david]

12.5 - (2017-03-02)

  • Bug fix: Get resources over https [avoinea refs #82562]
  • Change: adjust geotags labeling [demarant refs #81054]

12.4 - (2017-02-21)

  • Feature: Export geotags to @@rdf [avoinea refs #81054]

12.3 - (2017-02-14)

  • Feature: geotags, temporal coverage and themes display alligned with tags style [alecghica refs #81054]

12.2 - (2016-12-05)

  • Bug fix: hasWrongVersionId now checks assessment for context language as assessments have different versionIds when encountering translations [ichim-david refs #79112]

12.1 - (2016-11-21)

  • Change: cleanup permalink macros [alecghica refs #76194]

12.0 - (2016-11-14)

  • Feature: permalink macro has generic URLs now [alecghica refs #76194]

11.9 - (2016-10-31)

  • Change: AssessmentPart assessment field now has only text/html input in order to avoid having a situation where the user selects text/plain which would disable the tinymce editor [ichim-david refs #78578]

11.8 - (2016-09-13)

  • Bug fix: updated tests to take into account the new TOC field [alecghica refs #76246]
  • Bug fix: check if ref is found within Subject getBrefs [ichim-david refs #75321]

11.7 - (2016-05-27)

  • Change: change import path of _random_id of eea.versions, refactoring needed in order to avoid circular imports [ichimdav refs #72521]

11.6 - (2016-05-19)

  • Bug fix: readded toc js in assessment and specification view. This file add fig number to figures [ichimdav refs #72260]
  • Bug fix: Fix pylint warnings [ichim-david refs #71940]

11.5 - (2016-05-05)

  • Change: change import path of UserAndGroup widget after upgrade to latest version [ichim-david refs #68082]
  • Change: removed getCodes info, moved it to documentByLine [ichim-david refs #70786]

11.4 - (2016-05-04)

  • Feature: display notes for GIS Application in the same way we show it for EEAFigure and Google Charts [ichim-david refs #70523]
  • Change: modified text for display of indicators codes to also known as now that we have the ability to display the global version id [ichim-david refs #70786]

11.3 - (2016-04-18)

  • Feature: added validators for codes field to enter only numeric values and to prevent user from using a code that is used by another indicator which isn't a relationship of that indicator. These validators are disabled for Managers in case there is ever a need for a fix of indicators that have wrong values [ichimdav refs #69487]
  • Feature: added used and suggestion code to be used as tooltip for the indicator codes widget [ichimdav refs #69487]
  • Change: updated import related to Products.UserAndGroupSelectionWidget [alecghica refs #70945]

11.2 - (2015-12-08)

  • Feature: Allow embedding of GIS application as indicator figure Show data sources for embedded maps. [chiridra refs #30426]

11.1 - (2015-12-07)

  • Feature: Allow embedding of GIS application as indicator figure Show data sources for embedded maps. [chiridra refs #30426]
  • Feature: Allow embedding of GIS application as indicator figure Fixed layout and PDF export issues [chiridra refs #30426]
  • Feature: Allow embedding of GIS application as indicator figure Upgrade step: In portal_relations add the following relation: Indicator Assessment Part -> Interactive map Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on upgrade button available for EEA Content Types [chiridra refs #30426]
  • Change: Removed CSRF security quickfix for tests [szabozo0 refs #30858]

11.0 - (2015-11-17)

  • Fixed jslints [szabozo0]
  • Fixed tests, disabled CSRF protection while testing [szabozo0 refs #30716]

10.9 - (2015-11-16)

  • Change: increased timeout of the "Indicator report" PDF theme [ghicaale refs #29975]

10.8 - (2015-11-09)

  • Bug fix: fix adding assessment part [lucas refs #30425]

10.7 - (2015-11-06)

  • Bug fix: get_assessments now checks if user has View permission for the objectValues returned objects. This avoids listing objects that have review states which are not visible by anonymous and visiting them would trigger a login form because the attempts to get related_items [ichimdav refs #30415]

10.6 - (2015-11-03)

  • Change: no longer modify height of tables when printing in order to avoid stretched and overly long tables [ichimdav refs #29335]

10.5 - (2015-09-10)

  • Bug fix: fixed erroneous message on indicators with daviz in first draft. [chiridra refs #28483]
  • Bug fix: remove duplicate title in policy document view. [demarant refs #28578]

10.4 - (2015-09-03)

  • Change: added Rationale heading. [demarant refs #26361]
  • Change: display indicator codes below title, as document by line. [demarant refs #26361]
  • Change: updated specification view, removed TOC and showing the date on the assessment versions, since now not part of title. [demarant refs #26361]
  • Change: Remove dates and codes from indicator title. Upgrade Step: reindex all indicators spec and assessment. invalidate varnish for all urls having "/data-and-maps/indicators" [demarant refs #26361]

10.3 - (2015-08-18)

  • Change: improved indicators layout, reordered, simplified headings, removed TOC [demarant refs #26361]
  • Change: indicators-figure-container now has no border and padding both in print and screen in order to accomodate as much info as possible on a single page [ichimdav refs #27537]

10.2 - (2015-07-28)

  • Bug fix: pylint compile [lucas refs #27245]
  • Buf fix: include eea.pdf into zcml [lucas refs #27245]

10.1 - (2015-07-28)

  • Feature: add new template for eea.pdf to print indicators Upgrade Step: upgrade the eea.indicators package from Addons in plone control panel [lucas refs #27484]
  • Bug fix: Use safe condition within portal_css/portal_js in order not to break layout (e.g. @@dexterity-types) [voineali refs #26848]

10.0 - (2015-07-06)

  • Change: updated indicators_worklow and one_state_workflow with latest changes from production and removed frontpage_workflow references from these workflows [ichimdav refs #22596]

9.9 - (2015-06-02)

  • Bug fix: geotags now correctly update for Assessments when related EEAFigure and DavizVizualizations are updated [ichimdav refs #22232]
  • Bug fix: Fixed the display of dates on Indicator and Assessment views [ghicaale refs #25309]

9.8 - (2015-05-15)

  • Change: Indicator Assessment layout changes [ichimdav refs #25348]

9.7 - (2015-05-05)

  • Bug fix: fixed themes on @@edit_aggregated [szabozo0]
  • Change: frequency_of_updates no longer contains quarter information [ichimdav refs #24322]
  • Change: Updated error message to include the missing fields for unpublishable figures [szabozo0 refs #24412]
  • Change: frequency_of_updates now implements the FrequencyUpdateValidator and the DataGridWidgets no longer auto insert rows [ichimdav refs #22900]
  • Change: Updated the way how the 'themes' field is added: instead of modifying directly the schema, use a SchemaModifier, Updated tests [szabozo0 refs #24412]
  • Change: removed the full and short Indicator view logic, opting to show the full toc view by default [ichimdav refs #24440]

9.6 - (2015-03-17)

  • Change: Switched to curl in the jenkins build install script [olimpiurob refs #22402]
  • Change: Changed fetch url for jenkins build install script to the install script from the main EEA CPB repository [olimpiurob refs #22402]
  • Bug fix: Removed bullet background images from the metadata inputs and the transparent background now that we have the single blue background [ichimdav refs #23500]

9.5 - (2015-02-03)

  • Change: use preview only for inline dashboards when printing an AssessmentPart and use a predefined size for charts in order to avoid font reduction of entire pdf output [ichimdav refs #22489]
  • Bug fix: Fixed the display of AssementPart's title [ghicaale refs #22637]

9.4 - (2015-01-22)

  • Bug fix: Fixed when inline_chart is not published [voineali refs #22309]

9.3 - (2014-12-23)

  • Bug fix: Fixed inline comments for Indicators [voineali refs #22291]

9.2 - (2014-12-10)

  • Bug fix: Fixed specification view to work with Chameleon [voineali refs #21919]
  • Bug fix: check if chart-notes is available on context avoiding thus an AttributeError [ichimdav refs #22208]
  • Bug fix: fixed representation of frequency of updates when value is not integer [ghicaale refs #21951]
  • Bug fix: fixed frequency of updates logic when value is not numeric [ghicaale refs #21951]
  • Feature: updated the frequency of updates display text [ghicaale refs #21951]

9.1 - (2014-08-27)

  • Bug fix: fixed xml export [malduvit refs #20662]

9.0 - (2014-06-30)

  • Bug fix: fixed problems reported by running the tests [ghicaale refs #20014]

8.9 - (2014-06-11)

  • Bug fix: fixed saving process of "Other metadata" by intercepting wrong data structure of frequency of updates compound field. [ghicaale refs #20014]

8.8 - (2014-05-13)

  • Bug fix: relation validation error on Assessment no longer triggers an unauthorized error and widget can be used to correct the validation error [ichimdav refs #19222]
  • Bug fix: Display charts properly when too many charts from the same visualization is added in a figure and the tabs are replaced with a dropdown [szabozo0 refs #19101]

8.7 - (2014-03-05)

  • Upgrade Step: upgrade the eea.indicators package from Addons in plone control panel [ichimdav #18602]
  • Bug fix: geotags are now properly set and displayed on Assessment portal_type [ichimdav #18602]
  • Feature: Set effective_date on related figures when syncing workflow for related figures. [olimpiurob refs #18601]

8.6 - (2014-02-13)

  • Feature: Added new compound field "frequency of update". Added option for export in HTML format "keepHTML=true" [mironovi refs #18424]

8.5 - (2014-02-03)

  • Bug fix: cleaned references of tooltip macro being loaded from dataset_view [ichimdav refs #18197]

8.4 - (2014-01-22)

  • Bug fix: reference geotags macros from eea.forms instead of eea.dataservice [ichimdav refs #16719]
  • Bug fix: reference temporal-coverage macros from eea.forms instead of eea.dataservice [ichimdav refs #16719]
  • Bug fix: fixed tests after adding the temporalCoverage through the schema extender as appose to directly on the indicators schema [ichimdav #17611]
  • Bug fix: look also for DavizVizualizations when resolving image tags for Assessment and IndicatorFactSheet with fallback to depiction images [ichimdav refs #17747]

8.3 - (2013-12-10)

  • Change: do not save success portal message in aggregated edit, for simple_edit [simiamih refs #16797]

8.2 - (2013-12-05)

  • Change: explicitly depend of Products.EEAContentTypes within of this package [ichimdav refs #17588]
  • Change: use the ITemporalCoverageAdapter from within Products.EEAContentTypes instead of eea.dataservice [ichimdav refs #17588]
  • Feature: Added resize feature for embedded charts [szabozo0 refs #17453]
  • Change: removed versions macro; now using viewlet [simiamih refs #17321]
  • Change: removed the dependecy to eea.locationwidget [ghicaale refs #9155]

8.1 - (2013-11-21)

  • Change: cosmetics. harmonized box style [demarant refs ##16676]

8.0 - (2013-11-20)

  • Feature: check for temporalCoverage and geographicalCoverage also from DavizVizualizations within an Assessment or an IndicatorFactSheet [ichimdav refs #17306]

7.9 - (2013-11-05)

  • Bug fix: make sure computed Titles are bytestreams not unicode [tiberich #17364]

7.8 - (2013-10-04)

  • Bug fix: fix doctests [tiberich]

7.7 - (2013-09-23)

  • Bug fix: update portlet readiness style to fix for latest Jquery UI [tiberich #16767]
  • Bug fix: use bytestreams as return values for Title in IMS content. By default Plone (Archetypes) stores fields values as unicode, but returns them as bytestreams encoded as utf-8 (or the field's specified encoding) [tiberich #16767]

7.6 - (2013-09-18)

  • Bug fix: Fixed manage portlets page on Assessment, IndicatorFactSheet and Specification [tiberich #14593]
  • Bug fix: more logic condition fixes on frequency of updates agg edit [tiberich #16754]

7.5 - (2013-09-17)

  • Bug fix: fix logic condition in eea.indicators frequency of edit display [tiberich #16754]

7.4 - (2013-09-06)

  • Change WIP: change frequency_of_updates to have multiple pairs of frequency years/time of year information [tiberich #14929]

7.3 - (2013-08-21)

  • Bug fix: fix popup editing in aggregated edit view for Indicators and Assessments [tiberich #15969]

7.2 - (2013-08-19)

  • Bug fix: get rid of Products.kupu dependencies, we use TinyMCE now. [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: use new method of seting up TinyMCE, according to upstream API changes [tiberich #15645]

7.1 - (2013-08-09)

  • Bug fix: corrected the temporal coverage formatting by re-use existing well working logic. Do not re-invent the wheel. [demarant #14871]
  • Bug fix: corrected mapping of ESMS DATA_DESCR. [demarant #14871]
  • Bug fix: improved esms xml unicode handling for certain cases like typology metadata. [demarant #14871]
  • Feature: added @@esms.xml view for assessments to export information according to ESMS metadata format [tiberich, demarant #14871 EEA]
  • Feature: added a @@assessments_latest_versions_links view that retrieves a list of all published assessments, only the latest versions [tiberich #14871 EEA]
  • Bug fix: added a content rule to enable discussions on Assessments when the 'show' or 'publishEionet' transitions are executed. [tiberich #14858]
  • Bug fix: don't try to set discussionAllowed on assessments from code; this will be done from a content rule. [tiberich #14858]

7.0 - (2013-06-17)

  • Change: updated for multiple data provenances [szabozo0 #9561]
  • Bug fix: improvements to layout and formatting of IMS [tiberich #14562]
  • Bug fix: hide the themes widget from External Data Spec objects edit as had no use and misslead the editors [ghicaale refs #14732]

6.9 - (2013-05-27)

  • Bug fix: make frequency_of_updates and its subfields not required; override mutator for frequency of updates, fix its validator to allow schemata_edit to work properly and ignore this field [tiberich #14628]

6.8 - (2013-05-20)

  • Bug fix: fixed ReST merkup under HISTORY.txt [ghicaale refs #14554]

6.7 - (2013-05-20)

  • Upgrade Step: upgrade the eea.indicators package from Addons in plone control panel [tiberich #14341]
  • Upgrade Step: go to /aq_parent/portal_factory/manage_portal_factory_types and set the ExternalDataSpec as factory type [tiberich #14467]
  • Upgrade Step:
  • Feature: added a new compound field, frequency_of_updates [tiberich #14361]
  • Upgrade Step: create a new faceted navigation page that lists expired indicators (they will have the ExpirationDate set in the past) [tiberich #14361]
  • Upgrade Step: go to /prefs_install_products_form, install CompoundField [tiberich #14361]
  • Feature: don't index anymore themes and indicator codes as keywords. [ghicaale refs #14383]

6.6 - (2013-04-17)

  • Change: use esri map and geotags widget instead of geo coverage for Assessments [ichimdav #8523]
  • Feature: Automatically synch daviz workflow state as we do for static figures. [demarant fixes #14298]
  • Bug fix: don't fail for already published figures when syncing state. [demarant refs #9974, #10001]
  • Change: Removed unnecessary margin for Daviz in indicator. Better wording on buttons. [demarant refs #9571]
  • Bug fix: give better information to users about 2 words minimum requirement in IMS text content [tiberich #14175]
  • Bug fix: alphabetically sort Related Policy Documents in aggregated edit and specification view.
  • Bug fix: fix data source provenance in assessment view [tiberich #14273]

6.5 - (2013-03-15)

  • Bug fix: don't break on specification publishing due to discussion API changes [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: conform to api changes in eea.daviz to allow sortable relations to Daviz Vizualizations charts [tiberich #13993]

6.4 - (2013-02-21)

  • Bug fix: fix content rules integration for Assessment [tiberich #13895]

6.3 - (2013-02-21)

  • Bug fix: Display charts only when tab is clicked [szabozo0 refs #13673]
  • Bug fix: fixed data provenance information logic and layout consistency. use existing view. [demarant refs #9561 and #9571]
  • Bug fix: fix adding Assessments from add new item menu [tiberich #13897]
  • Bug fix: don't fail when reindexing object outside aquisition context [tiberich #13836]
  • Bug fix: don't call assessment key when checking for it in condition to avoid assestment part calling [ichimdav #13771]
  • Bug fix: Corrected wrong spelling. [prospchr refs #13827]

6.2 - (2013-02-05)

  • Bug fix: show data sources in specification view [tiberich #13721]

6.1 - (2013-01-25)

  • Change: made inddicators-figure-plus img span 100% min-width since some files are too small and they should fit the width of the container [ichimdav]
  • Bug fix: fixed a couple of html5 validation errors found on assestment pages [ichimdav]

6.0 - (2013-01-19)

  • Bug fix: fix figures display in assessment view [tiberich #9571]

5.9 - (2013-01-18)

  • Bug fix: fix chart mouseover popup in indicators view for visualizations [tiberich #9571]

5.8 - (2013-01-18)

  • Bug fix: add a clear for notes on figures to force spacing [tiberich #9571]

5.7 - (2013-01-17)

  • Bug fix: fixed portlet_ims_overview access to isAnon variable [demarant]
  • Bug fix: fix rendering of live daviz charts [tiberich #9571]

5.6 - (2013-01-15)

  • Change: moved the olderVersions to the portalMessage div that displays the old versions link for eea.indicators templates [ichimdav #10182]
  • Bug fix: send proper AT events when editing in aggregated edit; fixes integration [tiberich #10038]
  • Change: don't try to change workflow for EEAFigureFiles anymore, as they don't have an workflow anymore [tiberich #9976]
  • Change: use inline live and image previews for DavizVizualizations in assessment view [tiberich #9571]
  • Upgrade Step:
    • go to ZMI portal_properties/imaging_properties/manage_workspace, add a new size "xlarge 950:950"
  • Upgrade Step:
    • go to /data-and-maps/indicators/configure_faceted.html
    • add a new Plone Portlet, with title: "IMS Overview" and path here/portlet_ims_overview/macros/portlet

5.5 - (2012-11-23)

  • Bug fix: fix small bug introduced by refactoring in RelatedItems view [tiberich]

5.4 - (2012-11-22)

  • Bug fix: fixed layout issue when message is large. [demarant]

5.3 - (2012-11-22)

  • Bug fix: data providers name is now correctly shown for external data. regression issue was introduced in refs #9217. [demarant fixes #9988]
  • Bug fix: add a status message when failing to set figure files in the same state as their parents during assessment state change. Also make the readiness check to check if publish transition is actually available to the current user. [tiberich refs #9974]
  • Feature: also list DavizVisualizations in assessment [tiberich #9571]
  • Bug fix: always return a string from customized Titles [tiberich #5630]
  • Bug fix: adapt rdfmarshaller code to api changes in eea.rdfmarshaller [tiberich #3981]
  • Code cleanup in several modules to clean pyflakes warnings [tiberich]
  • Change: removed references to relatedProducts [ghicaale #6773]
  • Upgrade Step: import "EEA Daviz:eea.relations integration" -> javascripts in portal_setup [tiberich refs #9571]

5.2 - (2012-09-27)

  • Change: Update references to eea.depiction (formerly valentine.imagescales) [voineali refs #5497]

5.1 - (2012-08-27)

  • Change: made description and data path optional field for external data spec. [demarant fixes #5478]
  • Bug fix: when creating a new assessment, properly copy the related items [tiberich refs #5462]

5.0 - (2012-07-13)

  • Feature: Show old provider name for legacy reasons on old external data spec which misses a real Organisation. [demarant fixes #5232]
  • Bug Fix: Fixed i18n missing tags, i18n:domain and duplicate key in .zpt [prospchr refs #5162]
  • Bug fix: added max file size validator for FactSheetDocument [tiberich #5259]

4.24 - (2012-06-12)

  • Bug fix: take figure readiness into consideration for Assessment ready for publishing [tiberich #5256]
  • Bug fix: fixed markup of HISTORY.txt file [ciobabog refs #5231]
  • Bug fix: set isURL validator for RationaleReference links [tiberich #5212]

4.23 - (2012-04-26)

  • Change: Use eea.dataservice organisation widgets instead of custom macro, helper_js [voineali refs #5072]
  • Change: Layout improvements [demarant]
  • Bug fix: Show data source info same way for assessments as for specific assessments. Create browser view template for figures. [demarant fixes #5066]
  • Bug fix: Display sources as list, since there can be multiple ones now with related items (r27544). added missing description on external data spec. [demarant refs #5066]
  • Bug fix: don't show dataSource if relationship to ExternalDataSpec or Data is available for a figure [tiberich #5066]
  • Bug fix: fixed close_dialog javascript function [tiberich #5059]
  • Bug fix: show externaldataspec/data in data sources in assessments [tiberich #5066]

4.22 - (2012-03-30)

  • Bug fix: changed execution order to register validators without warning [tiberich #5045]
  • Change: cleaned logic for toc in indicators because of sole use of eea-toc instead of toc from plone [ichimdav #5014]
  • Bug fix: improve compatibility with content creation popup js [tiberich #4982]
  • Bug fix: use proper code when creating a new version for Assessments [tiberich #5020]
  • Bug fix: set height to inherit for dom nodes in active field content boxes [tiberich #5009]

4.21 - (2012-03-09)

  • Bug fix: use objectValues() instead of getFolderContents() to avoid security error [tiberich]

4.20 - (2012-03-05)

  • Change: removed related items macro from specification. it will be part of the eea main template, so we do not get duplicates. [demarant #3414]

4.19 - (2012-02-15)

  • Bug fix: use portal_url to anchor images in indicators.css [tiberich #4956]
  • Bug fix: fix a problem in specification @@view [tiberich]

4.18 - (2012-02-14)

  • Bug fix: updated default location to add an EEAFigure for portal_relations [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: removed references to missing resources from jquery-ui [tiberich #4947]
  • Bug fix: don't load jquery-ui.js as it is loaded through portal_javascripts [tiberich #4947]
  • Change: disabled not needed setting of content type for specification index page [tiberich #4671]

4.17 - (2012-02-06)

  • Bug fix: fix code that updates catalog metadata for ims content [tiberich]

4.16 - (2012-02-06)

  • Bug fix: reindex children objects when specification changes [tiberich #3474]

4.15 - (2012-02-06)

  • Bug fix: fixed style for policy docs in specification aggregated edit [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: get correct url for policy docs in specification aggregated edit [tiberich]
  • Change: Made ExternalDataSpec owner be indexed under getDataOwner [ghicaale #3474]
  • Change: Added featured style to readiness portlet [demarant]
  • Bug fix: Disable left and right column on indicators overview pages [demarant]
  • Bug fix: show correct provider/owner name and url in external data spec, hide deprecated metadata fields Timeliness, Category of use, old provider field. clean up of view page. [demarant]
  • Feature: added editing of some metadata to Assessment, Specifications and IndicatorFactSheet [tiberich #]

4.14 - (2012-01-11)

  • Bug fix: fixed a problem with WorkItems crashing on edit [tiberich]

4.13 - (2012-01-11)

  • Bug fix: added a link in indicators_timeline and indicators_overview to make the overviews full screen [tiberich ]
  • Bug fix: disabled customization of edit_macros for Specification [tiberich #4869]

4.12 - (2012-01-10)

  • Bug fix: use custom edit_accessor for the Title field for specifications [tiberich #4868]

4.11 - (2012-01-10)

  • Bug fix: fixed editing of related items for AssessmentParts [tiberich #4863]

4.10 - (2011-12-16)

  • Bug fix: fixed editing of methodology field [tiberich #4812]

4.9 - (2011-12-07)

  • Bug fix: fixed overlap of toc [ichimdav #4823]
  • Bug fix: Fixed factsheetdocument_view [voineali #4821]

4.8 - (2011-12-02)

  • Bug fix: don't use referencesSortable for any of our content [tiberich #4777]
  • Bug fix: set default add location for PolicyDocumentReference, used in eea.relations widget [tiberich #4810]

4.7 - (2011-11-30)

  • Bug fix: fix versioning problem caused by previous version changes [tiberich #4777]

4.6 - (2011-11-30)

  • Bug fix: make all references fields sortable [tiberich #4777]

4.5 - (2011-11-28)

  • Bug fix: Required themes and subject is handled by EEAContentTypes [voineali #4694]

4.4 - (2011-11-24)

  • Bug fix: show figure title in assessment view [tiberich #4753]

4.3 - (2011-11-23)

  • Bug fix: fixed TOC [szabozo0 #4726]
  • Bug fix: fix @@rdf view [tiberich #4768]

4.2 - (2011-11-21)

  • Bug fix: Fixed "AttributeError: can't set attribute tags" for ExternalDataSpec [voineali #4740]

4.1 - (2011-11-18)

  • Rerelease broken egg

4.0 - (2011-11-18)

  • Bug fix:added workaround for specification view page being sent as png image [tiberich #4671]
  • Bug fix: Fixed js errors on assessment aggregated edit [szabozo0 #4667]
  • Bug fix: return strings instead of unicode in Titles of IMS content [tiberich #4660]
  • Feature: disable all agg edit buttons until the title is filled in for Specification [tiberich #4629]
  • Bug fix: renamed parameter to avoid triggering error when adding assessment from dropdown menu [tiberich #4629]
  • Bug fix: fix broken related policy docs widget [tiberich #4627]
  • Change: Updated design of the assessment view page [demarant]
  • Synced copied code with the latest eea.rdfmarshaller [tiberich #4530, #4531]
  • Create AssessmentParts for newly added PolicyQuestions when versioning an Assessment [tiberich #4451]
  • Fixed a problem with boolean widgets in aggedit [tiberich #4450]
  • Fix a unicode bug in specification/@@rdf view [tiberich #4448]
  • Bug fix: Fixed IE JS errors, fixed code that uses jQuery to avoid conflicts with other JS frameworks [szabozo0 #4542]
  • Bug fix: Removed readiness portlet from left column [szabozo0 #4493]
  • TODO: fix "related policy document" button in specification aggedit
  • Bug fix: Fixed wrong date formats [szabozo0 #4510]
  • Change: Migrated legacy left and right_slots portlets, created specific portlet manager renderer to display readiness portlet in top [szabozo0 #4493]
  • Change: removed the old themes portlet, now part of the main template as viewlet [demarant]
  • Change: Added Products.RedirectionTool profile in metadata.xml
  • Change: Included ManagementPlan Field and Widget from eea.forms instead of eea.dataservice [szabozo0 #4423]
  • Feature: Added upgrade steps [voineali #4392]
  • Feature: Plone 4.0.4 compatible release [tiberich #4214]

1.41 - (2011-05-20)

  • Bug fix: references now also appear on Assessment view [ghicaale #4351]

1.40 - (2011-03-29)

  • Change: cleaned package of pylint violations [ichimdav #4140]
  • Change: use portal_type when looking for files in assessment [tiberich #4135]
  • Bug fix: force decoding into unicode of Description for content types with autocomputed descriptions [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: added IValueProvider adapter for ManagementPlanField [tiberich #4222]

1.39 - (2011-03-08)

  • Bug fix: commented under IndicatorFactSheet content type the usage of "unique_specification_code" validator as it is not defined [ghicaale #4174]

1.38 - (2011-02-24)

  • Bug fix: decode to unicode the Description for content types with autocomputed value [tiberich #4164]

1.37 - (2011-02-10)

  • Bug fix: made IndicatorFactSheets use the same IArchetype2Surf adapter as Specifications [tiberich #3982]

1.36 - (2011-02-04)

  • Change: Minor changes to the overviews links in portlet refs #4045 [demarant]

1.35 - (2011-02-02)

  • Bug fix: adjusted the link to ims overview and made the portlet only available for authorised only (CMS) fixes #4045 [demarant]

1.34 - (2011-02-01)

  • Feature: Included most of the metadata and info from the specification into the full view on assessment [demarant]
  • Feature: Show data source organisation before each dataset title in assessment view, fixes #4091 and refs #3452 [demarant]
  • Bug fix: fix rendering of provider urls in external data spec view [tiberich #4092]
  • Bug fix: redirect to @@edit_aggregated instead of edit_aggregated after title edit in indicator [tiberich]
  • Feature: link to @@ims_timeline and @@ims_overview from the readiness portlet [tiberich #4045]
  • Bug fix: show ims content with missing setcodes in @@ims_timeline [tiberich #4053]
  • Feature: added permalinks in indicator factsheet, specification and assessment index views [tiberich #3552]
  • Feature: added aggregated edit view for indicator fact sheets [tiberich #4068]
  • Feature: enabled portlet readiness for indicator fact sheets [tiberich #4068]

1.33 - (2011-01-14)

  • Change: Make the readiness message for wrong version on Assessment more clear [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: Fix rendering of ExternalDataSource url [tiberich #4010]
  • Bug fix: make tests pass [tiberich]
  • Change: refactor versioning code for specifications to be used outside of views [tiberich]
  • Change: refactor version reassigning code [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: rename @@object_delete to @@obj_delete as it conflicts with a formcontroller script [tiberich #4028]

1.32 - (2011-01-05)

  • Bug fix: revert change made in 1.31, no longer directly implement IVersionEnhanced for Assessments, Specifications and IndicatorFactSheets [tiberich #4024]
  • Bug fix: improve checks for versions in code that decides if spec code is duplicated [tiberich]
  • Change: Visual fix for too tall metadata box on assessment view, now displayed in a more compact way [demarant]

1.31 - (2011-01-04)

  • Bug fix: Made Assessments, Specifications, IndicatorFactSheets implement IVersionEnhanced [tiberich #4024]
  • Bug fix: Balance named link tags because of browser issues [tiberich]

1.30 - (2010-12-21)

  • Change: enabled annual management plan validator [demarant #4019]
  • Change: Made eea management plan required for publishing, removed redundant old code [demarant]

1.29 - (2010-12-17)

  • Bug fix: Fixed title calculation for Specification [tiberich #4006]

1.28 - (2010-12-16)

  • Work in progress: Fixed code accordingly to pass PyFlakes tests [tiberich, ghicaale #3676]

1.27 - (2010-12-13)

  • Bug fix: Fixed jslint warnings [voineali #3821]

1.26 - (2010-12-06)

  • Feature: Allow reassigning codes when related specifications have different codes [tiberich #3756]
  • Feature: Added @@ims_wrong_maincode admin view to see and fix related specs with different codes [tiberich #3756]
  • Bug fix: Added Specification2Surf adapter to solve @@rdf view problem [tiberich #3893]

1.25 - (2010-11-19)

  • Bug fix: add eea.vocab profile to dependencies. Fixes tests [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: changed wording for "no datasets specified" messages [tiberich #3831]
  • Bug fix: preselect EEAFigure tab in relations popup [tiberich #3604]

1.24 - (2010-11-12)

  • Change: Added cache metadata to images [ghicaale #3667]

1.23 - (2010-11-10)

  • Change: Cleanup doctests according to eea.vocab fix [voineali]
  • Change: Set default creation locations for PolicyQuestion and IndicatorFactSheet [tiberich #3584]
  • Change: Recreate accordion on portlet readiness reload [tiberich #3766]

1.22 - (2010-11-01)

  • Change: use new API from eea.versions [tiberich #3278]

1.21 - (2010-10-29)

  • Change: now using new API for _get_random from eea.versions [tiberich #3758]
  • Change: on assessment state change, make the assessment discussable [tiberich #3791]

1.20 - (2010-10-25)

  • Change: On reassign_version also assign new versions to all assessment group of that Specification [tiberich #3790]

1.19 - (2010-10-25)

  • Move readiness warning icon in front of text in @@ims_timeline [tiberich]

1.18 - (2010-10-21)

  • Bug fix: added document_byline macro to assessment view [tiberich #3771]

1.17 - (2010-10-20)

  • Change: changed Specification.has_unique_code in Specification.has_duplicated_code
  • Featured: Added view @@ims_wrong_specification_versions page [tiberich #3775]

1.16 - (2010-10-18)

  • Change: Cleaned source code of agx generated structures [tiberich]
  • Feature: redirect to parent assessment when visiting an AssessmentPart [tiberich #3761]

1.15 - (2010-10-15)

  • Bug fix: add a missing import [tiberich]

1.14 - (2010-10-14)

  • Bug fix: change tests to hardcode less info about Specifications schema [tiberich]
  • Feature: add @@ims_wrong_assessment_versions page [tiberich #3753]
  • Feature: add readiness check that the assessments have the right version id [tiberich #3753]
  • Bug fix: Add IndicatorFactSheets to ims_timeline and ims_overview [tiberich #3754]
  • Change: Change the way H1 headers are get their icons in stylesheet and templates [tiberich]

1.13 - (2010-10-08)

  • Bug fix: Uncomment comment in assign_version that was providing IVersionEnhanced for specs; Make assessments provide IVersionEnhanced when specification gets a new version reassigned [tiberich #3650]

1.12 - (2010-10-07)

  • Bug fix: fix reassign version bug; add test for that [tiberich #3650]

1.10 - (2010-10-07)

  • Feature: automatically reassign version for children Assessments when changing version for a Specification [tiberich #3736]

1.9 - (2010-10-06)

  • Bug fix: for ims_timeline: remove assessment id from code that puts together the children of a specification [tiberich #3741]
  • Bug fix: use object review state for display in timeline [tiberich]
  • Allow editors to link an specifications as versioned if the code is not unique [tiberich #3650]

1.8 - (2010-09-30)

  • Feature: Show external data references when in assessment view [demarant #3732]
  • Change: No longer need redefinitions for ObjectReadinessView for specs and assessments [tiberich #3694]
  • Feature: Add two new catalog metadata columns: comments and published_readiness [tiberich #3645]
  • Change: Use catalog search and brains to display the ims_timeline [tiberich #3645]
  • Feature: Display not ready specs and assessments in red, with an icon that AJAX loads the readiness status in a tooltip, in the ims_timeline [tiberich #3645]
  • Change: Add customized view template for ExternalDataSpecs [tiberich #3192]
  • Feature: On new assessment version, 'File' children are not copied [ghicaale #3601]
  • Feature: Link indicators and/or assessments with comments on timeline template [ghicaale #3601]
  • Bug fix: Fixed adding policy document with '(' in title [tiberich #3614]
  • Bug fix: Link directly to Scientific Reference if they don't have a remote url [tiberich #3646]
  • Bug fix: Improved portlet readiness display for Assessments [tiberich #3606]
  • Feature: Added custom faceted widget to be used in sorting indicators [tiberich #3502]
  • Change: Made assessment agg edit to reload the portlet readiness [tiberich #3605]
  • Change: Add event subscriber for Assessment state change. It publishes all related figures on assessment publication [tiberich #3644]

1.7 - (2010-09-06)

  • Change: Added two new checks on Assessment readiness [tiberich 3603]
  • Feature: Show links to missing fields from the portlet for readiness, on agg edit [tiberich 3598]
  • Change: Fixed some design issues with switch box not visible and alignment of toc and metabox [demarant].
  • Feature: Use the multiselect autocomplete widget for Ownership in Spec agg edit [tiberich 3597]
  • Bug fix: Override FactSheetDocument.index_html() to avoid recursion error [tiberich 3533]
  • Change: Added tooltips to all fields on aggregated edit [ghicaale #3420]
  • Bug fix: Updated broken internal urls to EEA mamagement plan system [demarant]
  • Bug fix: Fixed javascript error when reloading relateditems fragment [tiberich #3591]
  • Bug fix: Fixed javascript in advanced edit for relations widget [tiberich #3579]
  • Change: The add menu in the Specification and Assessment view and edit pages is now hidden [tiberich #3583]
  • Bug fix: Fixed the ims_timeline view [tiberich #3071]
  • Bug fix: Show member fullname and workflow state title in @@ims_overview [tiberich #3071]
  • Bug fix: Now "relatedItems" values are kept when creating a new Specification version [ghicaale #3582]
  • Change: Moved the Manager id edit field to the general metadata area. Small editorial changes. [demarant #3548]
  • Bug fix: Tests fixed after changing product name [ghicaale]
  • Feature: Use new filtering select widget for provider_url and dataset_url [tiberich #3530]
  • Bug fix: Added script to fix referer when using "tal expression" faceted widget [ghicaale #3538]
  • Bug fix: Change provider_url and dataset_url to use StringField instead of LinesField, also use new filtering select widget [tiberich #3530]

1.6 - (2010-08-17)

  • Feature: Show indicator codes in title [demarant]
  • Change: Show TOC and generic metadata section on indicator factsheet as in assessments
  • Feature: Tags/keywords for an assessment are now calculated dynamically by its related content. Better view of tags and metadata [demarant]
  • Feature: customize assessment/@@createVersion to allow choosing the destination of that version [tiberich #3539]
  • Bug fix: Add "one_state_workflow" [tiberich #3152]
  • Bug fix: When set versionId on adding an assessment, also look for IndicatorFactSheets with same indicator set [ghicaale #3491]
  • Bug fix: Reindex child assessment objects when saving 'codes' on a specification [ghicaale #3491]
  • Bug fix: Fix wrong check for EEA Data metatype [tiberich #3541]
  • Bug fix: Fixed indicator code validator. Now an IndicatorFactSheet validate its code upon Assessments [ghicaale #3491]
  • Bug fix: Fixed versions display of assessments on same Specification versioning set [ghicaale #3491]
  • Change: Removed custom Title function, we do not need to show version info in title for specifications [demarant]
  • Bug fix/Change: Fixed wrong label on IndicatorFactSheet for assessment text, adjusted more fields labels and descriptions [demarant]

1.5 - (2010-08-04)

  • Bug fix: Fixed missing "More updates info box" in assessment and adjusted design and position on both [demarant]
  • Change: Consistent order of fields under aggregated edit of assessment as in the view. [demarant]
  • Bug fix: Fixed unicode error in Specification.SearchableText, Assessment.SearchableText and IndicatorFactSheet.SearchableText [ghicaale]
  • Change: Hide metadata divs from display in active_field and active_region macros [tiberich]
  • Bug fix: Fix display and sorting of Assessments for a Specification agg edit. [tiberich]
  • Feature: Add custom AssessmentPart edit template, to make it include eea.relations JS scripts [tiberich]
  • Change: Mark Ownership field as mandatory in agg edit [tiberich]
  • Change: Code cleanup in browser/ to eliminate duplicated code from eea.versions [tiberich]

1.4 - (2010-07-08)

  • Feature: Make "codes" available under SearchableText index for Specification, Assessment and IndicatorFactSheet [ghicaale]
  • Feature: Marked more fields on Indicator Fact Sheet as searchable [demarant]
  • Bug fix: Fixed typo in [ghicaale]

1.3 - (2010-07-07)

  • Feature: Add traverser in order to maintain old assessment URLs after migration [ghicaale]

1.2 - (2010-07-01)

  • Change: Removed empty folder 'locales' [ghicaale]

1.1 - (2010-07-01)

  • Bug fix: Fixed indexing of themes on Assessments [#3458 ghicaale]

1.0 - (2010-07-01)

  • Initial release [ghicaale]