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Name Updated Description
eea.converter Jun-26-2017 SVG, PNG, PDF converters using external tools as ImageMagick
eea.dataservice Aug-16-2017 EEA Data service Sep-15-2017 Plone4 theme for EEA
eea.eggmonkey Sep-11-2017 Automate releasing eggs with jarn.mkrelease
eea.googlecharts Aug-16-2017 Configurator for GoogleCharts
eea.indicators Aug-16-2017 EEA Indicators
eea.jquery Aug-29-2017 jQuery library and plugins for Plone
eea.pdf Jul-10-2017 Download as PDF
eea.plonebuildout.profile Apr-24-2017 A Plone profile to easily install all core EEA packages
eea.reports Aug-16-2017 EEA Reports
eea.similarity Sep-15-2017 A package that suggests similar titles to one being added
eea.themecentre Aug-16-2017 EEA Theme centre
eea.workflow May-22-2017 EEA Workflow extensions
Products.EEAContentTypes Sep-18-2017 EEA logic and content types
Products.EEAPloneAdmin Sep-15-2017 EEA Plone Admin
zc.buildout Aug-22-2013 System for managing development buildouts