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Name Updated Description
bise.theme Jan-05-2017 Installable theme: bise.theme
collective.excelexport Jan-17-2017 Export dexterity contents in an excel file, one column by field
collective.googleanalytics Dec-13-2013 Tools for pulling statistics from Google Analytics.
collective.quickupload Nov-19-2012 Pure javascript files upload tool for Plone, with drag and drop, multi selection, and progress bar.
collective.recipe.template Jan-30-2015 Buildout recipe to generate a text file from a template
collective.sendaspdf Jul-07-2014 An open source product for Plone to download or email a page seen by the user as a PDF file.
collective.sweeteditor Nov-24-2016 TinyMCE style hooks for accordion and tabs
collective.xmltestreport Nov-19-2012 A test runner which can output an XML report compatible with JUnit and Hudson
eea.alchemy May-04-2016 EEA Alchemy allows you to bulk auto-discover geographical coverage, temporal coverage, keywords and more
eea.annotator Sep-26-2016 EEA Annotator
eea.aoamap Jan-17-2017 UNKNOWN Jan-17-2017 Visualization API
eea.async.manager Jan-17-2017 zc.async queue manager
eea.asyncoperations Nov-25-2016 package for bulk folder or object operations
eea.bounce Nov-19-2012 Detect bouncing messages from an IMAP folder and allow further processing
eea.cache May-19-2016 Tools and config for memcache related caching
eea.climateadapt Nov-10-2016 EEA ClimateAdapt for Plone
eea.controlpanel May-19-2016 EEA Control Panel
eea.converter Mar-20-2017 SVG, PNG, PDF converters using external tools as ImageMagick
eea.cynadmin Jul-28-2015 EEA cyn admin
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