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Main features

  1. TinyMCE enhancements


Source code


EEA - European Environment Agency (EU)


2.7 - (2017-09-27)

  • Bug fix: 'Session' object has no attribute 'get_default_store' [avoinea refs #88536]

2.6 - (2017-05-15)

  • Change: fixed PyLint warnings and errors [eduard-fironda refs #84949]

2.5 - (2017-04-24)

  • Change: updated package information [eduard-fironda]

2.4 - (2017-04-19)

  • Bug fix: enabled saving of reading statistics only if we have at least 1 field with statistics enabled [ichim-david refs #82316]

2.3 - (2017-04-19)

  • Change: time to read takes into consideration only fields which have reading statistics enabled [ichim-david refs #82316]

2.2 - (2017-04-14)

  • Feature: expose text statistics as a portlet and provide rdf output for reading time, word count, sentence count and flesch score [ichim-david refs #82316]

2.1 - (2016-10-31)

  • Bug fix: removed www prefix from eeatinymceplugins.js. This way this file can load the json for non eea sites that might use this plugin [ichim-david]

2.0 - (2016-05-19)

  • Bug fix: Fix pylint warnings [ichim-david refs #71940]

1.9 - (2015-03-17)

  • Change: Switched to curl in the jenkins build install script [olimpiurob refs #22402]
  • Change: Changed fetch url for jenkins build install script to the install script from the main EEA CPB repository [olimpiurob refs #22402]

1.8 - (2014-11-20)

  • Upgrade step: from SITE/prefs_install_products_form run the upgrade for EEA TinyMCE [ichimdav refs #21327]
  • Change: renamed EEA Charlimit settings tab to EEA Text Statistics [ichimdav refs #21327]

1.7 - (2014-10-15)

  • Change: fixed box-sizing declaration for older versions of FF and Webkit [ichimdav refs #6288]
  • Change: Added gradient to readability for IE9 [ichimdav refs #6288]
  • Change: changed condition for loading of textStatistics.js [ichimdav refs #6288]
  • Feature: readability plugin now displays the score on the gradient table within the advanced view [ichimdav refs #6288]

1.6 - (2014-10-01)

  • Feature: added readability plugin which in pair with the character count gives readability statistics for your text fields [ichimdav refs #6288]

1.5 - (2014-08-12)

  • Feature: added eeasavereminder plugin which gives an alert message after a predefined time entry which warns the user of unsaved changes [ichimdav refs #20302]
  • Change: eeaplonestyle plugin can now use styles that wrap selection instead of replacing the tags of the selection [ichimdav refs #20461]
  • Change: take into consideration for the tinymceplugins that the settings object might not be available in which case we return out of the plugin logic [ichimdav refs #20258]
  • Bug fix: Fix tinymceplugins.json when called on Site Root [avoinea]

1.4 - (2014-06-10)

  • Bug fix: fixed RST markup of HISTORY.txt [ghicaale refs #19993]

1.3 - (2014-06-06)

  • Bug fix: Ignore html comments when counting the characters [olimpiurob refs #19853]
  • Manual Upgrade Step required for installation:
    • After upgrade, one needs to go to @@tinymce-controlpanel -> Resource Types and change the path for eeacharlimit in Custom Plugins area from: eeacharlimit|portal_skins/custom/editor_plugin.js to: eeacharlimit|portal_skins/eea_tinymce_plugins/eeacharlimit/editor_plugin.js
    • [olimpiurob refs #19853]
  • Fix jsregistry condition that doesn't work on translations [voineali refs #19825]

1.1 - (2014-04-01)

  • Fixed eeacharlimit plugin test for true value [olimpiurob refs #18641]
  • Manual Upgrade Step required for installation:
    • After installation, one needs to go to @@tinymceplugins-settings and update/save the necessary settings for the plugins.
    • [olimpiurob refs #18641]

1.0 - (2014-04-01)

  • Added eeacharlimit tinymce plugin [olimpiurob]
  • Added eeatogglefullscreen tinymce plugin [olimpiurob]
  • Added eeaplonestyle tinymce plugin [olimpiurob]
  • Initial release