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EEA ClimateAdapt for Plone

('======================nEEA Climate Adaptn======================n.. image:: :target: image:: :target: PackagennContentsn========nn.. contents::nnMain featuresn=============nn1.n2.n3.nnInstalln=======nn- Add eea.climateadapt to your eggs section in your buildout and re-run buildout.n You can download a sample buildout fromn Install eea.climateadapt within Site Setup > Add-onsnnGetting startedn===============nn1.n2.n3.nnDependenciesn============nn1.n2.n3.nnTest locallyn============nnTo test the view,ncreate a folder and navigate to http://localhost:8080/Plone/folder/@@sat,nor go into the ZMInand set the property layout of the folder to @@sat.nnSince the SAT view contacts a Geoserver instance via Javascript,nand we don't set up a geoserver locally,nbut instead connect directly to the production one, there is an issues with CORS.nnIn order to mitigate that,ndownload and install CORSProxy ( then launch it in a shell.nnThen relaunch the instance like this::nn $ CORS_PROXY_DEVEL=http://localhost:1337 bin/instance fgnnPlone will rewrite the base URL to pass through the proxynand not have preflight requests fail.nnSource coden===========nn- Latest source code (Plone 4 compatible):n and licensen=====================nThe Initial Owner of the Original Code is European Environment Agency (EEA).nAll Rights Reserved.nnThe EEA Progress Bar (the Original Code) is free software;nyou can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNUnGeneral Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;neither version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any laternversion.nnMore details under docs/License.txtnnnFundingn=======nnEEA_ - European Environment Agency (EU)nn.. _EEA: - (2016-11-10)n------------------n* Bug fix: monkeypatch plone.dexterity.content.Container.manage_pasteObjectsn permission to check for "Add portal content" instead of "Modify portaln content"n* Bugfix: City profile state will be changed to submit when the period expiresn [iulianpetchesi #78851]n* Bugfix: Fix an error where the 'browse' function for the adaptation optionsn widget wouldn't workn [iulianpetchesi #76336]n* Bugfix: Hide fields if they are empty in casestudies viewn [iulianpetchesi #77973]n* Bugfix: Added related case studies to adaptation optionsn [iulianpetchesi #77574]n* Bugfix: Upgrade step for fixing "panonian" bioregionn [iulianpetchesi #77833]n* Bugfix: Modified the script for remindersn [iulianpetchesi #71389]n* Bugfix: Tinymce Accordion overriden [iulianpetchesi #77133]n* Bugfix: Tinymce Tabs overriden [iulianpetchesi #77133]n* Bugfix: Fixed a search page error and modified templatesn [iulianpetchesi #77761]n* Bugfix: Migration upgrade for fixing file extensionsn [iulianpetchesi #77459]n* Bugfix: Migration upgrade for fixing climate_impactsn [iulianpetchesi #77619]n* Bugfix: Added new label for items created in the last 3 monthsn [iulianpetchesi #77573]n* Bugfix: Fixed a case study error edit for arcgisn [iulianpetchesi #77155]n* Bugfix: Added "Boreal" bioregionn [iulianpetchesi #73378]n* Bugfix: Added effective_date to arcgisn [iulianpetchesi #73358]n* Bug fix: fix CallbackDataManager bug due to incomplete refactoringn [tiberich #77382]n* Bugfix: Removed return to test arcgisn [iulianpetchesi #71836]n* Bugfix: Commented specialtagging for aceprojectsn [iulianpetchesi #77274]n* Bugfix: New attribute will be assigned to case studies only if theyn aren't older than 90 daysn [iulianpetchesi #71836]n* Bugfix: Arcgis fixes for /satn [iulianpetchesi #71836]n* Bugfix: Migration for fixing sectors on city profilesn [iulianpetchesi #75968]n* Bugfix: Fixed an error in the migration scriptn [iulianpetchesi #75968]n* Bugfix: Fixed a required error for geochar fieldn [iulianpetchesi #77093]n* Bugfix: Added checkbox widget to list fieldsn [iulianpetchesi #77093]n* Bugfix: Fixed style for source field in case studiesn [iulianpetchesi #77157]n* Bugfix: Fixed fields not being requiredn [iulianpetchesi #77093]n* Bugfix: Created migration script for sectors fieldn [iulianpetchesi #75968]n* Bugfix: Fixed /sat displayn [iulianpetchesi #77080]n* Bug fix: enable Display menu for index_html Coversn [tiberich #74531]n* Bugfix: Added "featured" field to database itemsn [iulianpetchesi #21755]n* Feature: added cron script runner to send remainders to CityMayorn [tiberich #71389]n* Bugfix: Fixed a javascript error when the map is not presentn [iulianpetchesi #75527]n* Bugfix: Optimized loading of css files for anonymous usersn [iulianpetchesi #75886]n* Bug fix: manually trigger IWorkingCopyDeletedEvent to avoid danglingn locks on baseline objectsn [tiberich #74389]n* Bugfix: Added click handler for marker and fixed some map errorsn [iulianpetchesi #75527]n* Bugfix: Fixed case study gallery errorn [iulianpetchesi #76207]n* Bugfix: Added the governance level field to respective aceitemsn [iulianpetchesi #76209]n* Bugfix: Made the city heading boldn [iulianpetchesi #76208]n* Bug fix: improve keywords vocabulary to allow filteringn [tiberich #74938]n* Bug fix: fix edit menu for City Profilesn [tiberich #76160]n* Bugfix: Changed city profile fieldsn [iulianpetchesi #76159]n* Change: set the "Send back to City Representative" transition to usen the workflow message setting formn [tiberich #75543]n* Feature: added a form that allows setting the workflow transition commentn [tiberich #75543]n* Bugfix: Changed city profile fieldsn* Bugfix: Made titles in bold for aceitem sidebarn [iulianpetchesi #19463]n* Bugfix: Mobile browsing fixn [iulianpetchesi #73319]n* Bugfix: Changed city profile fieldsn [iulianpetchesi #75951]n* Bugfix: Mobile view fixes for aceitemsn [iulianpetchesi #73319]n* Bug fix: added leaflet map workaround to properly show maps inn CaseStudy edit form and CityProfile edit formn [tiberich #75909]n* Bugfix: Several changes regarding city profiles form and templaten [iulianpetchesi #75878]n* Bugfix: Modified the required field for city profile email fromn 'official email' to 'email of contact person'n [iulianpetchesi #75544]n* Bugfix: Cleared the cptk cookie on CityMayor logoutn [iulianpetchesi #75332]n* Bugfix: Changed the keywords admin permission to manage portal andn modified condition for preferencesn [iulianpetchesi #75332]n* Bugfix: improve behavior of CaseStudy map editingn [tiberich #75527]n* Bugfix: Changed the city profile viewn [iulianpetchesi #75210]n* Bugfix: Ordered the aceitem types in the search tilen [iulianpetchesi #75221]n* Bugfix: Style fixes for read more and relevant acecontent tilen [iulianpetchesi #75172]n* Feature: use an contentrules event to send emails on cityprofile registrationn [tiberich #75285]n* Bug fix: move mayor-city-register to .mayorsadapt subpackage; Fix permissionn [tiberich #75295]n* Bug fix: some refactoring of Mayors Adapt functionalityn [tiberich #31571]n* Bug fix: fix search tile linking to /data-and-downloads pagesn [tiberich #74606]n* Bugfix: Mobile browsing fixesn [iulianpetchesi #73319]n* Bug fix: fix handling of special_tags in search tilen [tiberich #73975]n* Bugfix: Added eea.climateadapt.adaptation_options to overrides.pyn [iulianpetchesi #73542]n* Bugfix: Added to cache.zcml for newsn [iulianpetchesi #75065]n* Bugfix: Style fixes for relateditems widgetn [iulianpetchesi #73075]n* Bugfix: Fixed an error when search_type was Nonen [iulianpetchesi #75047]n* Feature: show a button with a modal with relevant/search tile configurationn [tiberich #75047]n* Bugfix: Fixed a templating error for city profilesn [iulianpetchesi #75033]n* Bug fix: allow selection of search_type in Search filtering tilen [tiberich #73975]n* Bugfix: Made all fields not required for city profiles except for title,n official email and signature daten [iulianpetchesi #75034]n* Bugfix: Fixed countries page not loading its mapn [iulianpetchesi #75039]n* Bugfix: Several bugfixes to urban ast.n [iulianpetchesi #74971 & #74981 & #74974 & #74975 & #74977]n* Feature: implemented a tile-based navigation system for subsectionsn [tiberich #73975]n* Bugfix: Implemented new forms for /register and forn the contact footern [iulianpetchesi #71637]n* Bugfix: Implemented new contact form for /contact pagen [iulianpetchesi #71637]n* Bugfix: Implemented new image galleryn [iulianpetchesi #73235]n* Bugfix: Case studies template fixesn [iulianpetchesi #74514]n* Feature: use special filters for CCA groups in content rulesn [tiberich #74370]n* Bugfix: Fixed mobile view for help page and fixed style for tutorial videosn [iulianpetchesi #73334]n* Change: don't allow publish transition on checkout itemsn [tiberich #74252]n* Bugfix: Modified jsregistry so that will load only for authentificated usersn and jquery will be loaded for the rest + created upgrade step for itn [iulianpetchesi #74276]n* Bugfix: Updated the vocabularies for sectorsn [iulianpetchesi #74340]n* Bugfix: Removed the interfaces that weren't neededn [iulianpetchesi #74290]n* Bugfix: Created upgrade step for one_state_workflown [iulianpetchesi #73322]n* Bugfix: Fixed project display in /data-and-downloadsn [iulianpetchesi #73214]n* Feature: allow editing main navigation menu from special pagen [tiberich #73256]n* Bugfix: Fix pagination for newsn [iulianpetchesi #74118]n* Bug fix: use elements instead of element_type as index name for filtering tilesn [tiberich #73326]n* Bugfix: implemented @@images/image/icon for climateadapt content and Coversn [tiberich #74197]n* Bugfix: Implemented upgrade for fixing tiles.n [iulianpetchesi #73351]n* Bugfix: Implemented an override icons viewn [tiberich #74197]n* Bugfix: Fixed special tags handling in filtering portletsn [tiberich #74207]n* Bugfix: Implemented a view that shows the richtext tiles with title.n [iulianpetchesi #74153]n* Bugfix: Fix special tags fieldn [tiberich #74142]n* Bugfix: Resized frontpage images.n [iulianpetchesi #74003]n* Bugfix: Register Cover and all climateadapt content as Cache Aware classesn [tiberich #73492]n* Bugfix: add a subscriber TO INvalidate facetednav whenn any dexterity content is modifiedn [tiberich #73492]n* Bugfix: Fixed a migration issue that was causing incorrect numbern of items in different tilesn [iulianpetchesi #73351]n* Bugfix: Added special tags to case studies and adaptation optionsn [iulianpetchesi #74143 & 74142]n* Bugfix: Created view to manage special tagsn [iulianpetchesi #74011]n* Feature: added the cca_webpages_workflow as default workflow.n This allows using the iterate: Checkin permission to check ifn a Checkin operation is allowed.n* Bug fix: fix inline alignment of <li><a> inside table.listingn [tiberich #74017]n* Bugfix: Implemented upgrade step 6 that adds /admin in user dropdownn [iulianpetchesi #74008]n* Bug fix: don't hide forms in faceted confign [tiberich]n* Bugfix: Fixed an error when element type was none for search portletsn [iulianpetchesi #73366]n* Bugfix: Fixed portlet not showing correct number of itemsn [iulianpetchesi #73366]n* Bugfix: Enabled the view all link for portletsn [iulianpetchesi #73383]n* Bugfix: Enabled batching for newsn [iulianpetchesi #73364]n* Bugfix: Created templates for mail remindersn [iulianpetchesi #71389]n* Bugfix: Fixed mobile browsing for search page + othersn [iulianpetchesi #73319]n* Bugfix: Fixed mobile browsing for frontpage for device width < 768pxn [iulianpetchesi #73319]n* Bugfix: Removed relevance column from the search pagen [iulianpetchesi #73277]n* Bugfix: Added default values for year filter at faceted searchn [iulianpetchesi #72023]n* Bugfix: Style fixes for portlet headersn [iulianpetchesi #73559]n* Bugfix: The adaptation options widget will show onlyn adaptation options from now onn [iulianpetchesi #73542]n* Bugfix: Moved the adaptations options fieldn [iulianpetchesi #73542]n* Bugfix: Fixed a casestudy errorn [iulianpetchesi #73584]n* Bugfix: Fix countries filter not appearing in facetedn [iulianpetchesi #73214]n* Bugfix: Fix styling for urban adaptationn [iulianpetchesi]n* Bugfix: Modified the event templaten [iulianpetchesi #73281]n* Bugfix: Frontpage style fixn [iulianpetchesi]n* Bugfix: Styling fixes for urban astn [iulianpetchesi #73382]n* Feature: allow selecting the heading level for rich text with title tilesn [iulianpetchesi]n* Bugfix: Items will be sorted by title in /data-and-downloadsn [iulianpetchesi #73214]n* Bugfix: Fixed the countries dropdown for /countries-regions/countriesn [iulianpetchesi #73470]nn1.2 - (2016-06-16)n------------------n* Bugfix: Added date to news and events on frontpagen when you one you will be redirected to external link if there is onen [iulianpetchesi #73362]n* Bugfix: Made it so that you can sort case studies andn adaptation options by yearn [iulianpetchesi #73227]n* Bugfix: Removed some fields from adaptation optionsn [iulianpetchesi #73332]n* Bugfix: Fixed view all link to /data-and-downloads for filter acecontent tilen [iulianpetchesi #73330]n* Bugfix: Removed important from hovern [iulianpetchesi #73236]n* Bugfix: Added date to adaptation options titlen [iulianpetchesi #73293]n* Bugfix: Updated description of case-studies fieldsn [iulianpetchesi #73284]n* Bug fix: fixed adding Images and Files to AdaptationOptions and CaseStudyn [tiberich #73283]n* Bugfix: Moved 'category' field to adaptations options only and addedn description for the cost/benefit fieldn [iulianpetchesi #73286]n* Bugfix: Fixed template not hiding empty fieldsn [iulianpetchesi #73229]n* Bugfix: Fixed vocabulary for relevance fieldn [iulianpetchesi #73234]n* Change: Added links to the bottom of the sat pagen [iulianpetchesi #73241]n* Bugfix: Fixed vocabulary for geocharsn [iulianpetchesi #73240]n* Change: Made it so that the website field is no longer requiredn [iulianpetchesi #73247]n* Bugfix: Fixed transnational region errorn [iulianpetchesi #73252]n* Bug fix: temporarily disabled SESSION intervention, to see if we can trackn down performance problem for authenticatedn [tiberich #73248]n* Bugfix: Fixed links for frontpagen [iulianpetchesi #73236]n* Bugfix: Fixed anchors for case study linksn [iulianpetchesi #73239]nn1.1 - (2016-06-09)n------------------n* Bugfix: fix geochar field rendering of global/Europe label and cityn [tiberich #73231]n* Change: Implemented the catalog search and time verification of city profilen tokens for email remindersn [iulianpetchesi #71389]nn1.0 - (08-06-2016)n----------------------n- Initial releasenn',)